WE’s Mission, Welcome and Core Value Statements

WE’s Mission, Welcome and Core Value Statements

Our Mission

Waters Edge is a Christ-centered community
that seeks to worship God,
grow as disciples,
love one another
and serve all…with joy.
Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it
again – rejoice! Philippians 4:4, NLT

WE Welcomes ALL…including YOU!

Since our founding Waters Edge has sought to be a different kind of church…
………where each and every person is welcomed as a gift from God,
…..….where we love and support rather than judge one another, and
………where we are safe to explore who and whose we are.
So, no matter your geographic roots or gender identity,
no matter the color of your skin or extent of your education,
no matter your political persuasion or sexual orientation,
no matter if you’re full of faith or full of doubt…
WE welcomes YOU! Why? Because God loves you and made you…and God doesn’t make mistakes!

Our Core Values

Waters Edge is filled with a mix of folks from various backgrounds, traditions and places that seek to be family for one another and a force for good in greater Beaufort. WE is filled with imperfect, real people who yearn to live out and share the joy that we have experienced in Jesus Christ as we worship, grow, love and serve together.

Worship: WE utilizes a casual, more-contemporary-than-not approach to worship where traditional elements, when utilized, are accompanied with adequate explanation and teaching that avoids the use of tired or trite language when talking about God and the Christian faith.

Grow: At WE all ages are both encouraged and challenged to grow in their faith through worship, prayer, study, fellowship and service. Together, we strive to be a community where lives are changed, where healing is experienced and where transformation occurs.

Love: WE seeks to love one another as family in authentic ways. Our children and youth are central to our life together.

Serve: WE seeks to be a source for good with and to the Greater Beaufort community as we strive every day to “BE the Church” in tangible, compassionate ways to ALL people.

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