Sermon Snap Shot September 30, 2018

Sermon Snap Shot September 30, 2018

We began our series two weeks ago by looking at the story of Jeremiah and how his call to be a “prophet” is no different than our own call to be God’s mouthpiece in the world, sharing words of God’s love, mercy and salvation.

Last week we focused on how we can use words to build one another up, and how the words from First Peter must have done just that for the fledgling churches in modern day Turkey: You are a chosen people, royal priests, a holy nation and God’s very own possession. Like them, we have been set apart, as any priest is, to be about God’s work in the world and part of our “priestly” work involves sharing words that bring healing, reconciliation and blessing.

Today I want us to focus on the flip side of last week’s lesson. Yes, the right words, said at the right time, with the right tone can make such a difference. But this truth, this reality, is not even close to the accompanying truth that we have flirted with over these first two weeks…which is that the wrong words, said at the wrong time, with the wrong tone can be brutally destructive. They can cut wounds deeper than any knife. They can create a chasm far wider than the Grand Canyon. They can destroy as precisely as any Smart bomb. Yes, words have the power to build up, but they also have the power to alter forever our lives and the lives of others in an instant!

From Sunday, September 30 message based on James 3:3-12, “Watch Your Words: Tearing Down”
Rev. Lane Glaze
Pastor, Waters Edge UMC
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