Sermon Snap Shot September 25, 2016

Sermon Snap Shot September 25, 2016


Friends, we gather for worship today and every Sunday to celebrate that we are in the process of being saved by a good and powerful God from the unholy trinity of Sin, Death and the Devil. Through Jesus – because of Jesus – we have the promise of life forever with God and with those who have died in the faith before us. Death is not the end!

I can’t tell you how much comfort this has brought me as I’ve lost loved ones and as I have sat vigil with families as they watch their loved ones pass from this life to the next. And yet as hopeful as this promise of everlasting life is, what most excites me about being a Christian – what most motivates me to live for Jesus every day – is not the promise of eternal life one day in heaven but a belief that life with Jesus in the here and now is the most fulfilling, most exciting way to live every day.

From yesterday’s message, “being Saved…from Death”

Lane Glaze
Pastor, Waters Edge UMC

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