Sermon Snap Shot March 10, 2019

Sermon Snap Shot March 10, 2019

Friends, the message of the Beatitudes is not, “Humble yourself, be poor in spirit…so God might bless you. Mourn and grieve…so God might bless you.”

No. The message of the Beatitudes is that when we find ourselves at our wit’s end…holding on for dear life…with grief crushing us like a slab of concrete, God promises to be with us. God promises to pour out God’s Spirit on us. God promises to pick us up, comfort us, strengthen us and remind us…

I will never abandon you.
I will never forsake you.
There is nothing – disease, destruction, devastation…not even death itself – that can ever prevent my love from being poured out on you.

So if this is how to read the Beatitudes, the question for us this morning is this: Do we, Waters Edge, want to experience God’s blessing? Do we want to be supremely blessed, in our lives individually and as a church? If so, then we must open our hearts to the pain, suffering and hardship that is all around us, for it is THERE that we will experience God already at work. It is there that we will be showered by God’s grace in the most palpable of ways as we…

spend the day at the local nursing home,
volunteer in one of our local Title I schools,
devote time each day in prayer for the needs of our church, community and world,
befriend someone who is dealing with abuse issues,
feed the hungry,
care for the homeless,
rebuild homes in Alabama, Puerto Rico or St. Croix, and
seek, with God’s help, to have the same mind or attitude as Jesus, who – in both his living and his dying – revealed to us the Way.

From Sunday, March 10 message based on Matthew 5:1-4, “Be(autiful) Attitudes: Poor in Spirit and Mourning”

Rev. Lane Glaze
Pastor, Waters Edge UMC
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