Sermon Snap Shot July 7, 2019

Sermon Snap Shot July 7, 2019

And last, it is perfectly normal (and Biblical) to confess not only the sins of the present – those that we have knowingly or unknowingly committed – but the sins of the past as well. Daniel’s prayer, like many prayers we find in the Old and New Testament, recounts the ways in which Daniel’s ancestors sinned against God and God’s ways, and there is a recognition that those past sins will continue to have repercussions for generations to come.
And let’s be honest. We Americans don’t like to wrestle with the sins of our past.
“That stuff took place generations ago.”
“You shouldn’t punish me for something that my ancestors did.”
And yet, until we are willing to get real – with God and with one another – our nation will continue to wrestle with the sins of the past. The same exact things apply to the Church as well.
In summary, a community that is growing into the Beloved Community will seek to confess their sins openly, truthfully and regularly – recognizing the image of God in everyone as they seek to grow in their agape love for one another and all of humanity.
From Sunday, July 7 message, “The Beloved Community: Essential Practices for Growth – Confessing Our Sins”

Rev. Lane Glaze

Pastor Waters Edge UMC



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