Sermon Snap Shot January 19, 2020

Sermon Snap Shot January 19, 2020

The early church understood clearly that to claim Jesus as Savior and Lord was a truly radical statement. It meant that Jesus’ life of faithfulness had opened up this new relationship with God for all humanity, including us. And it meant that to share in this forgiveness…to participate in this new thing that the God of all creation was doing, we would look to Jesus – the author and perfecter of our faith – and seek, with God’s help, to follow his example. To live life as he lived life. To follow in his footsteps.

But friends, nothing has been a greater source of frustration for me over the years than to bump into people who claim the name – who “talk the talk” – but who have no interest in “walking the walk.” People that are judgmental. Mean-spirited. Greedy. Dishonest. Conniving. Habitual cheaters and liars. The list goes on and on. People who want to enjoy the perceived benefits of saying “Yeah, I’m a Christian” but who have no intention of ever modeling their lives after the life of Jesus.

My theory over the years has been that these people – who have no interest in looking to Jesus as our moral exemplar – have really never read, studied or wrestled with the Bible, the Gospels or the words of Jesus. Because if they had, I have no doubt that they their hearts would have been convicted by the Holy Spirit, just as mine has been thousands of times over the years.

From Sunday January 19 message based on Ephesians 4:17-5:2, “The Content of a Christian’s Character”

Rev. Lane Glaze
Pastor, Waters Edge UMC
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