Sermon Snap Shot August 21, 2016

Sermon Snap Shot August 21, 2016


Today we celebrate the start of another school year for children, youth, teachers and staff with our “Blessing of the Backpacks.” In school, as everywhere else, we face challenges every day. It may be a test, a bully, a difficult parent, or a rainy day. There will be times we feel afraid or angry, impatient or tired. Sometimes, we may feel alone.

We need to remember that everywhere and in every situation, God is with us, and we can trust him because he loves us no matter what. That’s why today is F.R.O.G. day—Fully Rely On God. Whenever we see a frog, we can remember we are not alone and God is with us. And that is Good News!

From Sunday, August 21 message by Rev. Penney, “F.R.O.G.”

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