Sermon Snap Shot March 11, 2018


Sermon Snap Shot March 11, 2018

We have been taught as Christians that if someone bullies, oppresses, insults, or hurts us, we are to take it or run away. Others say we need to fight violence with violence. But Jesus offers a third way. Jesus shows us how to confront our enemies with assertive, loving behavior, recognizing that even our enemies are the beloved children of God. We are called, not to be doormats, but to stand up for ourselves in creative, non-violent ways.
To turn the other cheek after being slapped enabled the dominated person to force the oppressor to see him or her as an equal. Giving up all one’s garments when being sued for one’s coat enabled a poor person to demonstrate the cruelty of the tax laws and legal system. By walking a second mile a Jewish citizen put the occupying Roman soldiers into jeopardy with their officers by carrying his military pack further than Roman law allowed.
The Civil Rights Movement gained momentum and popular support by their willingness to not fight back when the authorities turned fire hoses and vicious dogs on them. Their non-violent resistance of sitting on buses and at lunch counters showed the injustice of racist laws.
So when a bully steals your lunch, retaliate with bags of chocolate chip cookies.
From the March 11 message by Rev. Penney Rahm “Turn Your Cheek? Love Your Enemy?” based on Matthew 5:38-45, the fourth in the five week series “Say What? Do What? Five of Jesus’ Most Controversial Lessons”
Rev. Lane Glaze
Pastor, Waters Edge UMC


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