Sermon Snap Shot July 30, 2017


Sermon Snap Shot July 30, 2017

As I studied this passage I was struck by how much these first few verses of Romans 12 sound a lot like some of the language in the foundational documents that have shaped our country. And I also began to see how the statements that follow – these “Marks of the Christian Life” that Paul outlines – sound a lot like a Bill of Rights, per se. But of course Paul is not talking about “Rights” here in Romans 12 as much as he is what a faithful “Response” to the Gospel might look like…that is, if we conclude like him that God can be trusted:
Mark 1 – Seek to serve with humility, using generously the gifts God has graciously bestowed upon you;
Mark 2 – Love sincerely…hate what is evil…and cling to what is good;
Mark 3 – Be devoted to one another as you seek to honor the needs of others before your own;
Mark 4 – Be joyful in hope…patient in affliction…and faithful in prayer;
Mark 5 – Share with those in need and practice hospitality to all;
Mark 6 – Bless those who persecute you…rejoice with those who rejoice…and mourn with those who mourn;
Mark 7 – Live in harmony with one another;
Mark 8 – Do not be proud…do not be condescending…do not be conceited;
Mark 9 – Do not repay evil for evil but do what is right in the eyes of everyone, with whom you seek to live at peace; and
Mark 10 – Do not seek revenge but leave room for God’s justice…do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.
While Paul describes a high standard here, it is worthy to keep these “Marks of the Christian Life” before us as we seek, with God’s help, to embody these Godly attributes more fully with each passing year…as we hopefully become more and more like Jesus.
From Sunday, July 30 message from Romans 12:1-21 entitled “I Love to Tell THE Story: Therefore”
Rev. Lane Glaze
Pastor, Waters Edge UMC

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